Anonymous said: Do you have pit hair?

If you mean arm pit hair, I do not. Lol.

“The Buddhists say if you meet somebody and your heart pounds, your hands shake, your knees go weak, that’s not the one. When you meet your ‘soul mate’ you’ll feel calm. No anxiety, no agitation”

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“You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.”

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Jfc is Canadia even real

I live in Canada and I’m not even sure.

60 notes in and no one has noticed that I spelled Canada wrong…nailed it

It’s ok the leader of our country also thinks its Canadia.

Meanwhile in Canada:

Trans people completely banned from flying on airplanes.

Meanwhile in Canada:

1876 aboriginal women murdered or missing in unclosed uninvestigated cases.

Meanwhile in Canada:

More than 800,000 families go without food every night.

Listen, if you’re going to leave, that’s fine. and I know you promised you wouldn’t seven months ago while I was crying into your neck but I also know that sometimes it rains even when it’s not supposed to and sometimes boys kiss girls they shouldn’t and we tear flowers out of the ground just to watch them die and things change, so I understand if you’re done, but please, when you’re packing all your old sweaters and books, don’t forget to take all your three AM phone calls, and photographs where we’re smiling so wide it looks like we’ve never known that feeling in the pit of your stomach when someone screams “I don’t love you anymore.” Take back every kiss, every night you fell asleep next to me, every poem I wrote you, every song you sang to me, every “I love you more fight,” every shock I felt in my skin when you brushed against me. I was never scared of ghosts until you left but now I see you everywhere and god if you’re going to kill me please just do it quickly because I see you in everything and it’s making it hard to breathe

I won’t say I miss you but I think my mother knows anyway

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well damn

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“took me 6 months to completely forget her. today, i no longer remember what her voice sounds like. i don’t remember what the rush felt like to kiss her. i don’t remember the goosebumps i got whenever she placed a touch on me. i can’t even feel her at night anymore like i used to. i can’t feel her breath across my neck driving me insane. i can’t remember her laugh, or her eyes. but, the thing i can and only remember is the way her mouth curved when she said she loved me. and that’s because that was the biggest lie she had ever told me.”



You end up real disappointed when you go through life thinking people have the same heart as you.


Idk why I keep getting sad over people that don’t give a shit about me.

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kim. 21. jersey. Taking life day by day.
don't miss people who
won't miss you back.

this is only about heart now
This disaster binds us absolute,
a thousand lies you tell yourself that
no one ever loved you right.

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